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The Happy Zombie

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Portland's Rebuilding Center

OK, nothing to do with chickens. In fact... life does not evolve around my chickies... but they are so darn cute! Anyhoo... last Saturday we FINALLY went to the Rebuilding Center in Portland. What a cool place! Not only do they sell salvage... the building itself is a piece of art... all from salvage! If my dad lived up here I bet he'd be visiting the center every weekend! Oh the treasures to be found here!

Walls of windows... made from windows! Walls of walls... made from walls! This is a Recycling Nazi's utopia! So anyhoo... we finally make the visit to the center. DH had an appointment at OHSU on a SATURDAY, so we pack up the car (snacks, drinks, quilting) and go with him. After the appointment, we search for the center. Not only do we find it with ease (ahem, I was driving)... we discover this cool neighborhood it's in! The Portland neighborhood known as the Mississippi District. Kind of a mini Berekely! Very ARTSY... Sans the FARTSY!!! Countless outdoor cafes (my fave) and cool little shops. DH was less enthused... but what can I say... he's a Washatonian! <--- Ok... that was nasty of me. I have lots of friends who are Washatonian's, and heck... I even married one! It's just in my California nature to make a comment like that. My apologies to anyone who was not blessed with being born in California. <--- There I go again! I must stop.

BTW... photos were taken with my phone. Not bad, eh. I swear (shit, damn, bitch), my phone takes better photos then my camera!


At 11/19/2006 9:03 PM, The fabulous Blogger Patti allegedly said...

Hmmm . . . we've lived here for 32 years and I don't think I've heard of this place. I'll have to ask my Tangled Threads friends - two of them have husbands that are so into this stuff I'm sure they know about it.


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