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The Happy Zombie

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Cup

I had an epiphany! I realized why so many American's would rather follow boring sports like baseball and American football... it's all about the food. Mind you, I've never turned down a meal and I enjoy "sporting foods" as much as the next guy. With football (soccer) you have 90+ minutes of non stop action... leaving no time to run for Garlic Fries. With baseball or American football there's far more inaction then action... plenty of opportunities to peruse the plethora of epicurean delights in our stadiums and arenas.

I could totally go off on baseball... but I'm trying to be positive. But... when a sport has to be stopped because "oh my gosh, it's starting to sprinkle". Quick, cover the field, protect the pitcher's mound, get the players their jackets so they stay warm... oh paahleeze!

Me... I'll take The World Cup in a heartbeat. What a beautiful sport and global event! I'll just stuff my face before and after the game, thank you very much. It truly saddens me that so many American's are missing the boat on this mega huge world event and beautiful sport.


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