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The Happy Zombie

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Secret Pal

Click to view larger imageTo my surprise at my guild meeting last month... I'm am the Secret Pal of someone very mysterious! More mysterious then the average Secret Pal... since I did not sign up for Secret Pal! Someone in my guild is very sneaky... but most of all very clever and sweet. These blocks are beautiful and expertly sewn together! Yea, that's right... I ALWAYS look at the backs. Now I'm really intrigued who this Secret Pal of mine is and why she's doing this for me! This is way cool and way fun!

Click to view larger imageSo anyhoo, it was That Time at guild where Secret Pal is getting passed out and those who have Sew & Tell are getting their quilts ready to present. This is The Time where I get to chit chat with my gal pals and frankly... am not paying much attention to anything else going on around me. To my surprise, our Secret Pal chairperson hands me a little gift bag with my name on it! I double and triple check that it truly says my name on the gift! My pals next to me confirm it... that's my name! Ok, so it's been established that this gift is for me. My next thought, in horror... "OH SHIT... I signed up for Secret Pal and forgot!!!!". No wait a minute... sigh... I didn't sign up. ~Whew... for a minute there I thought I raked someone over by forgetting to make a block for not one, but TWO months!


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