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The Happy Zombie

Friday, June 09, 2006

What A Beautiful Day!

I planned my entire week around the first World Cup match this morning (9am PST). My #2 team, Germany... is kicking things off. So anyhoo, like I said... I planned my entire week so I'd be ready to go in front of the tube at 9am. One thing leads to another (as it ALWAYS does) and I'm running late. Last on my week's to-do list is to be downtown at the printer no later then 8:30. Well... 8:40 is not too bad (I ended up missing the first 6 minutes of the opening game). I do my business and head back to my car. Ahh... I can almost feel the sofa under my ass already!

I pass a few walkerby's, say "good morning" with a smile... I'm 10 feet from my car... "Good Morning, isn't it beautiful today!" I hear from a lady behind me. I turn to greet this stranger with a quick hello and attempt to get in the car and haul ass up the hill to the waiting TV. Once I saw the smile on this woman's face I forgot all about the sofa, the TV, Germany, the World Cup and a fresh cup of coffee. Just to point out... today is overcast and chilly. Next thing I know, I'm in this full on conversation with Happy Lady about the weather and how the weather has been over the last week. How we both like overcast days as much as sunny days! A stranger might have thought we were old friends chatting on the sidewalk.

My life lesson of the day: stop and talk to people who want to listen to you... stop and talk to people who want to be listened to. Thank you Happy Lady.


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