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The Happy Zombie

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a croc of shoe!

The best invention for man, woman and childkind's feet... Crocs! I am not selling these, I only wish to spread the good word. I've been wearing my cherry red ones almost 2 years now and I just love them! I recently purchased the yummy banana yellow and the electric tangerine ones. I adore them too. Next will be the pink ones. I also have a black pair, but they just don't look pretty enough for this photo. I have foot/knee/back issues, and these shoes are a gift from heaven. My feet feel so good in Crocs! After a few minutes of wearing them... my feet want to smoke a cigarette! ;-)

These shoes are perfect for quilting for a number of reasons:
1) They feel squishy good!
2) Easy to slip off if you are a Barefoot Peddler like myself.
3) Easy to wash (keeping your studio/sewing room's floor clean)
4) The colors are so cute!
5) Helps with foot, knee and back pain.
6) Croc's don't stink or make your feet sweat.
7) Dragging Croc's on the carpet gathers lint, thread, dog hair, etc. It's magic!
8) Jump higher, run faster!
9) Kills spiders in an instant of impact
10) Squish, squish, squish... squish in the Oregon rain!

I have tried the Airwalk version... and they are not the same. I won't even shame my feet by trying on the creepy ones sold at Killingourcommunites-Mart. Crocs retail around $30 USD (worth every penny), and are sold at from places like GI Joes to small independently owned stores. Check out the entire line at www.crocs.com.


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