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Monday, August 21, 2006

Current Quilting

I know I'm like so many quilters... more tops get done then the quilting on them. It doesn't help that I'm a hand quilter either! I thought I'd show a little peek of what I'm quilting at the moment (mind you there are four more tops in the closet waiting to be sandwiched and quilted as well!). One of the tops in my closet is a New York Beauty set in black... Meine Güte is that going to hard on the ole eyes to quilt! Anyhoo... from left to right:

  1. Two years ago my friend Karen and I were each other's Secret Pal at guild. Not a secret between us... but from the rest of the guild! We decide to "pick each other" and we had so much fun! Not to mention we each got killer quilts we loved!!! Karen made BEAUTIFUL blocks of embroidered images, appliquéd and buttonholed. It is just beautiful and it's almost done

  2. This quilt was made with the (April Cornell Poetry Collection by Moda) scraps left over from the actual "Room with Blooms" quilt that is featured in this month's (October 2006) Better Homes & Gardens - American Patchwork & Quilting. My friend Karen designed and made the Room with Blooms quilt and asked me if I wanted the scraps. Well... being a new member of Bev Wakeman's Scrap Busters at Anna Lena's... I jumped at the chance to prove to myself I could use scraps! This quilt is almost done!

  3. This one is a pattern from Bev's Stash Busters. It goes without saying that I purchased new fabric and nothing from my stash was used. Ok... maybe some. I think the Kona Snow was from my stash. Wait... I used stash to make the back... but that's for another post on another day when the quilt is finished (though that is really soon, and it's even bound).

  4. Last but not least, and this one is no where near done (Maybe 40%) is my king size Pineapple Swirl. I took a class with Darlene Zimmerman to make this (I always learn SO MUCH from her), and of course... everyone else in the group has theirs done... and here's mine... all folded and waiting to be finished. It doesn't help that I modified Darlene's pattern... I had a lapse in judgement and decided in the process to make it so much bigger!

So that's what cookin' at the moment! When I completely finish these quilts, I will post the photos and not just a hard to see peek.


At 8/22/2006 3:40 PM, The fabulous Anonymous lindiepindie allegedly said...

Those quilts are beautiful - I can't believe you quilt BY HAND!!! I would never get anything done that way - not to mention that they wouldn't look good since I'm not good with a needle and thread. :o)

You KNOW the person who designed Rooms with Blooms? That is such a beautiful quilt! I gotta know, does it look as great in person as it does in the magazine?

When my kiddos are older, I'd love to take classes and learn more about quilting and sewing - I'm sort of just teaching myself as I go and there is just so much I don't know!

At 8/24/2006 12:32 PM, The fabulous Blogger Happy Zombie allegedly said...

Hi lindiepindie! Thank you! :-)

You should give hand quilting a try. I personally think all hand quilting is beautiful no matter what the stitches look like. Every stitch says "love" to me. It's fun and relaxing and nice to do when watching TV at night, at a doctor's appointment, a long road trip, etc. Also... I quilt without a hoop (it's soooooo much easier and faster IMO).

Yes... I know the person who made/designed Rooms with Blooms, and not only does it look great in person, the photos don't do it justice! No disrespect to the Better Homes & Gardens photogs... but IRL is always better then a photo!

You have done FABULOUS things, and the fact that you're self taught too! You are a born quilter! I hope you can take some classes at some point. It's so much fun to be with other quilters and the learning and the tips never end.


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