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The Happy Zombie

Friday, August 04, 2006

A Dixie School Girl

I found this book at an antique shop in So. Bend, Washington. At first I was struck by the cover. I love the artwork, style and the colors! I thought, "how pretty" and put it gently back in it's spot on the shelf. As I was perusing the antique shop, I keep thinking about that book and went back to it.

So back into my hands it went. I opened it up to find a treasure from 1933. This book was a gift to some young girl, and here was this book... all alone... unread... waiting to find a new caretaker. I say this to Little Margret West... your book is in good hands!

How different is the world today. Looking at the back cover of this book, how simple life must have been back in the 30's. Maybe not even simple... but blinding and complacent as well. Happy on one hand... sad on another.

As I read this book I conclude a few things. 1) It's hard reading such old timey grammar from back in the day, though I did get such a big kick out of "up-to-the-minute girls" (aka Cool Chicks) on the back cover. Here's a sample: "Yonder comes the Woodbine bunch, I'll bet a dollar, and they're sure enough a-hittin' it up, too. Reckon the young one of the old Admiral's is a-settin' the pace, too. She's a clipper, all right". 2) It's very difficult and unsettling to read not only the derogatory remarks about black people... but that it's done so meanly and openly. I may not finish the book. Very, very, sad.


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