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The Happy Zombie

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Paint, paint, paint! La Petite Mémoire de Sucrerie

It seems all I do is paint! But ahh... the fruits of my labor!

The old studio.
The NEW studio... La Petite Mémoire de Sucrerie (The Little Candy Shop).

Or... Check out the flickr badge in the side bar.

What all started out as whim turned into a huge labor, though a labor of love. Truth be told... it all started with my DH. Last fall my DH suggested I move the studio from The Small Room into the Master Bedroom (which was actually two bedrooms before we purchased our house. My dear husband and a sledge hammer... you get the rest) and visa versa. Anyhoo... so out of the blue DH says to me, "You know, we actually spend so little time in here... would you like to swap rooms?". Hot diggity dog... why sure! So we undertake this crazy Trading Spaces gig and all seems great!

A month or so down the road, I feel the walls closing in on me in The Small Room. With each passing month I SWEAR that room was getting smaller! So last Friday I get a bee in my bonnet and the next thing you know we're on the road to Home Depot in Longview! My DH is a peach of a guy and he does so much for me (my whims are his labors), but I also know he'd drop everything if I so much as needed a thumb tack from Home Depot. Mind you, Home Depot and Lowe's are an hour away. Not a problem!

So anyhoo... I'm done with the studio switch, but I still need to tackle the MB now (which is getting a make-over as well). That can wait, hahahahaha.



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